About Me

I’m a marketer that loves to write and share stories. My background in marketing communications, copywriting, social media and content strategy allow me to see the bigger picture. Whether it’s A/B testing an email subject line to see which will result in a better open rate or optimizing a sentence on a landing page to get better SEO results, I’m always rewriting and testing to deliver the right message to the audience.

I’m currently in the process of getting certified in Google Analytics.

My career began in marketing communications at a health insurance company. From there, I moved to writing employee communications with an emphasis on benefits. I dabbled in selling vintage and antique items (mainly furniture and household goods). It was only natural to take those skills and help promote an online used furniture marketplace through their blog and social media. Using my social media and copywriting skills, I moved on to work for an online and boutique baby product retailer. I shifted course and worked on content strategy, copywriting and social media for a fine jeweler (diamonds and antique jewelry).

I’ve also freelanced for a large multi-national media company, a stationary business, kid products retailer and a jewelry merchant.

What do I do when I’m not writing? Probably cooking, swimming or exploring the interesting and varied neighborhoods of NYC. You may catch me walking my adorable cocker spaniel while exploring. (I’m a bit biased.)

Feel free to email me at sjnathan00@gmail.com for work, any questions or photos of my pup.